Bruggy, Skotsko, Oxford 2007

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Oslava 70-tin babicky


We are going-Havl.Brod 10.6.2007

Views from Havlickuv Brod tower

Benediktus house for children

Opening ceremonial 19.5.2007

Trip to Pruhonice 26.5.2007

Trip to Pernstejn castle 29.4.2007


The end of artistic look


Tin-Lan and Jan in Thailand

We had springscream so we went to Thailand. It is wonderfull country full of surprize for European who is amazed by every small thing there. We saw Bangkok (amazing palace and living capital with turistic Khaosan Road), Phuket (beach resort), Phi Phi island (after the tsunami, the second most destroyed place in Thailand, we did a scuba-diving there), Krabi (perfect beach with Lazy Bar), Kanchanaburi (we saw tigers, rode an elephant and took a shower in a river with him after that), Ayutaya (old capital of Thailand with very old temples) and Lopburi (town with monkeys running at streets. In this place I want to thank my Tin-Lan that she went with me. It was wonderfull time, I love you...